Vitamina, owner of the mark Bluejoint, distributes fashion apparel and accessories for women.

The value of our products is highly competitive compared to the industry average.

Diversification allows the supply of the products marketed by the method just in time to all players in the retail sector concerned.

The attention to customers and the reliability of its facilities have enabled the company to acquire more and more credit and trust. Bluejoint covers 3000 square meters with a complete assortment that will offer you the right product to meet your fancy.

Nearly thirty years of experience in the field of design research and modeling provide a product characterized by heads of excellent fit and a modern look , constantly updated with the latest news from the world of fashion and new collections.

Our perspectives are to continue to evolve according to the needs of the market with special attention to disadvantaged young people.

Rassegna Stampa

"Blue Joint" at the Centro Tessile Milano

With Blue Joint, Vitamina Srl Milan Textile Centre to fulfill the daily search for fast fashion knitwear specialized operators . Now synonymous with fast fashion for thousands of skilled professionals in the industry, the Centro Tessile in Milan Cernusco on Strada Padana Superiore was opened in 1984 thanks to the efforts of thirty companies . Today, the consortium brings together some 190 companies that offer to retailers and buyers of textile / clothing sector a variety of fashion garments truly innovative projects . Among the most important at the center, Vitamina Srl currently has few competitors in terms of quantity and variety, mainly specialized in knitwear.

"We started three decades ago with an exhibition area of ??about 1000 m² ... - I said the sales manager of the company - . Today we have over 3000 m², where we present a daily fashion retailers and department stores , a variety incredible garments , especially knitting ready , processed by companies in Northern Italy, with very few equals in terms of value for money.

Every day my name is in fact available to specialized operators around 2-3000 garments in stock: production "Made in Italy " coming directly from small businesses to Emilia- Romagna, Lombardy and to a lesser extent from Tuscany and Veneto.

Our offer includes, in addition to knitwear and clothing - such as jeans , pants, dresses, jackets and coats - even women's fashion accessories.

The diversification of products marketed here allows the Textile Centre of supply method with "just in time " to all interested retailers : customer focus and reliability of the clothes offered over the years have allowed us to gain more and more confidence vicinity of credit customers , finding new continuously.

Thirty years of experience in the field of design research and modeling are the true guarantee of our ability to offer current fashion garments ready , characterized by excellent fit and Luke current , constantly updated with the latest fashion made ??in Italy and new collections of The most popular designers.

Who you have in mind when selecting products for sale in brand Blue Joint?

Our end client is a young man in his twenties, who want to dress well without being a slave of the big names but the leaders of Vitamina Srl are also perfect for the mature woman , up to 40.45 years, which will find clothes with Blue Joint suited to his tastes , comfortable to wear , quality at attractive prices compared to those of multinational fashion , which now have only the Italian name...

- Plans for the future?

Our perspectives are to continue to evolve - said the sales manager of Vitamina Srl - always following the demands of the market , with particular attention to disadvantaged young people : of course there is much more to do to win a substantial proportion of potential foreign customers, which today they go to purchase in Bologna , because the more comfortable and more incentive to do so ... With a little ' promotional efforts also by the Centro Tessile , and perhaps with new road links to Cernusco on the occasion of Expo 2015 , we hope to be able to gain more significant market share . The rest of our turnovers millionaires are clear: today we are among the leaders of the textile and apparel in northern Italy.

Vitamina Srl in Milan Textile Centre , SS 11 Padana top 16/18 , in Cernusco Milan.